Hiring – Operations Manager!

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The brewhouse is almost open!  This brings about a new time (and a lot less time) for me, Falco…the Head Brewer.  This expanded scope makes it impossible for me to focus the necessary attention on the tap room, so I am stepping out of the Operations Manager position and snuggling back into my position as […]

Part 2 – The Partners and Beer

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We are back with our favorite brewery owners.  The introductions continue as the other 3 partners chime in on their “beer” preferences and starting a brewery. Rob is our Assistant Brewer and Chief Beer Officer.  He is responsible for ensuring that only high quality beer is poured at Lincoln’s Beard, our own as well as […]

Then there were 6…..

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The craft beer industry and its patrons are not considered as diverse as they could be. There needs to be more women, less beards, more racial, geographic, economic diversity, etc. in both. Lincoln’s Beard is definitely helping to change that. Some of you may or may not be aware that there are 6 partners that […]

The Dude

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One Cool Guy; Interesting Facts About The Tall Dude Abraham Lincoln is more than just a really cool logo for really good beer. Let’s learn a little more about the great man behind our logo.  We all know the basics about the hero Abraham Lincoln. …being the 16th President, helping to end slavery, reuniting the […]

Prepping for the Miami Beer Festival

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We are back with our brewer, John.  Big John has been busy brewing up some of Lincoln’s Beard’s oh so tasty beers for the 4th Miami Beer Festival, which will be hosting dozens of local and international breweries. Rocky: John, which beers will Lincoln’s Beard be pouring this Saturday, January 30th? John: Avenge Me Red […]

Who Knew…a just for fun research project

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I recently discovered that our wise leader brews beer at the White House. It got me thinking, what other world leaders or at least famous people also appreciate the art of homebrewing…or brewing in general. Here is the short list I found from my web exhaustive search… President Barack Obama – at least someone in […]