This city is not saturated with breweries and neither is yours.

Why do some of us think so? Because we spend all of our time concerned with the supply of craft beer and too little time focusing on DEMAND. It’s all about market share, baby!

Ever wonder why brewers seem to be a bit care-free about competition? Ever wonder why we use phrases like “grow the community”? It’s just a synonym for growing market share…getting more beer drinkers to choose craft beer.

Which brings me to the point of this post. When you go to Germany…or even Colorado to a certain extent…a beer IS a craft beer. As we grow our market share, the term “craft” will be inherent in the product. If you have a glass of wine that’s not $1/bottle…you don’t call it craft wine, do you? It’s assumed the wine isn’t shit.

Let’s get there with beer. We’ll do our part. The rest is on you.

Signing off,

John Falco